Welcome to the EIS Public Pricer. This system allows you to:

  • Convert street addresses to the closest NSC.
  • Check service availability by street address or NSC.
  • Map awarded CBSAs by Rank, Service, and Vendor.
  • Download awarded services by CBSA, Country/Jurisdiction, and Vendor.
  • Price CLINs across vendors.

For additional help, please see the GSA EIS site, the Resources sidebar, the Service Guides, or contact the EOS Help Desk.

Recent Changes
  • 2024-02-22 Integrated: Lumen cl03285r01t, cl03512r01t, cl03524r01t, cl03668r01t, cl03674r01t, cl03682r01t, cl03683r01t, cl03685r01t
  • 2024-02-22 Integrated: AT&T at08219r01c, at08221r01c, at08239r01c, P02009
  • 2024-02-22 Integrated: AT&T at08252r01t, at08254r01t, at08255r01t, at08256r01t, at08257r01t, at08259r01t, at08260r01t, at08261r01t, at08262r01t, at08263r01t
  • 2024-02-22 Integrated: Verizon Federal vz03774r01t
  • 2024-02-22 Integrated: Lumen cl03664r01c, cl03690r01t, P00950