Welcome to the EIS Public Pricer. This system allows you to:

  • Convert street addresses to the closest NSC.
  • Check service availability by street address or NSC.
  • Map awarded CBSAs by Rank, Service, and Vendor.
  • Download awarded services by CBSA, Country/Jurisdiction, and Vendor.
  • Price CLINs across vendors.

For additional help, please see the GSA EIS site, the Resources sidebar, the Service Guides, or contact the EIS Help Desk.

Recent Changes
  • 2021-03-05 Integrated: AT&T at01322r01t, at01324r01t; Verizon Federal vz01150r02c; MetTel me00439r01t, P00238; Granite gr00522r01t, gr00523r01t; CenturyLink cl00510r01c, cl00511r01c, cl00998r01t, cl00999r01t, cl01000r01t, P00307
  • 2021-03-05 Integrated: AT&T at01326r01t, at01327r01t, at01328r01t, P00568, P00569, P00570, P00571; Verizon Federal P00523, P00524, P00525, P00527, P00528, P00529, P00530, P00531, P00532, P00533, P00536, P00537, P00538, P00539, P00540, P00541, vz01093r01t, vz01122r01t, vz01159r01t, vz01192r01t; Granite gr00524r01t; CenturyLink cl00885r01c, cl00969r01t, cl00990r01t, cl01002r01t, cl01008r01t, P00308
  • 2021-03-02 Integrated: AT&T at01300r01t, at01302r01t, at01303r01t, at01304r01t, at01308r01t, at01311r01t, at01312r01t, P00567; Verizon Federal P00509, P00510, P00511, P00512, P00513, P00514, P00515, P00516, P00517, vz01200r01t; MetTel me00447r01t; Granite gr00519r01t, gr00520r01t, P00196, P00197; Defined Technologies P00158
  • 2021-03-02 Integrated: AT&T at01317r01t; Verizon Federal P00518, P00519, P00520, P00521, P00526, vz00642r03c; Granite gr00521r01t; CenturyLink cl00948r01c, cl00963r01c, cl00966r01c, cl00968r01t, cl00973r01c, cl00986r01c, cl00996r01t, P00304, P00305
  • 2021-03-01 Integrated: AT&T at01295r01t, at01297r01t, at01298r01t, at01299r01t, P00562, P00563, P00564, P00565, P00566; Verizon Federal vz01193r01t, vz01194r01t, vz01195r01t; MetTel me00444r01t, me00445r01t, me00446r01t; Core Technologies P00085; CenturyLink cl00988r01t, cl00993r01t, cl00994r01t
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